Hello! Welcome to my Team Fortress 2 Servers. I started these servers so that people can play on various custom maps developed by the community, which are not featured on Valve servers. I try to increase the catalogue of custom and high-quality maps from time to time.

You can also play all the standard maps of all official and beta game modes here, unlike Valve servers which have maps of only a single game mode. Also, in my servers, you can use all taunts (including class-specific ones), for free; which usually require purchasing these individual taunts on Valve servers.



All taunts including premium ones...FREE OF COST!

Third Person

Switch between First Person and Third Person view

Halloween Items

All Halloween/Full Moon items enabled, regardless of map or day

Robot / Skeleton

Turn your characters into Robot from MvM, or change your Sniper into a walking Skeleton


Roll The Dice for a random surprise effect

Custom Maps

Top rated custom maps developed by the community

Halloween Maps

All halloween maps available

All Standard Maps

Every single standard map made by valve is available

All Games Modes

All types of game modes available, unlike Valve servers which are restricted to a single mode

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